Friday, May 1, 2015

Spezi Review

Spezi Review
Last weekend, was the 20th SPEZI bike show and conference taking place in the town of Germersheim in the south of Germany near Heidelberg.  Several manufacturers took part in the event.  I did not have a chance to attend but I tried to keep abreast of the velomobile presence at the show.  Wim Schermer who attended has a good report on his Blog.  While a few manufacturers were unable to show their new products, several were able to show their new stuff.

Here is summary of what I was able to gather from the Internet.


Velomobile had a Quatrovelo shell on display and the Quatrovelo prototype frame for users to try.  Judging from the reports, it appears that there is a lot of interest for the new design. A few more details have emerged from people who visited the booth.  The length is 2.83m and the weight is expected to be in the 32kg range, turning radius 11m.  Regarding the price, it is less clear, apparently the aim is to be in the same ballpark as the Carbon Quest but this would need to be confirmed.

There are reports that 15 people have pre-ordered the new velomobile and first deliveries will take place this year.  When I checked this week, the company’s website shows 7 Quatrovelo in the order book including one for Allert and Eva but also one for Miles Kinsbury, the British designer of the original Quattro velomobile that was used as the inspiration for the new Quatrovelo. As I published before, Velomobiel expectes to show the working velomobile in a few weeks at Cyclevision taking place June 20th and 21st.


Ymte and Daniel from Intercitybike rode their velomobile to Germersheim for SPEZI.  At the show Intercitybike displayed the DF with the new hood and wheel pants.

There are currently requests from smaller riders who would like Daniel to design a smaller DF, probably the size of the M, I guess this is hard for me to see the need as I find the DF already fairly small and the production of the Evo-Ks has been stopped and should soon be replaced by the new Kx that is reportedly larger than the K.

Cycle JV Fenioux

Cycle JV Fenioux had both the futuristic looking Mulsanne and the large wheel LeMans on display at SPEZI.  The Le Mans has changed a bit with a newly modified nose and a fancy paint job.  Pictures published show a lot of people milling around the booth and a number of posts on-line.  The new velomobiles have attracted a lot of attention.

In addition to the new velomobiles, Cycle JV Fenioux is currently updating their webite and the new site will be mobile and tablet friendly.


The two-person Milan 4.2 was on display at the Raderwerk booth.  This time it was shown with a hood with a nice white paint job that provides a better ability to see some of the difference in the shape of the body.  This model is longer and appears to be a bit wider than the GT and has smaller humps for the knees and feet.


The manufacturer shows the utilitarian velomobile made from polyester. 


There is a newcomer to the velomobile world from Hungary.  Wim reported that these velomobiles are inexpensive but the quality of workmanship is extremely poor.  


Fietser from Belgium exhibited the WAW velomobile now made by Katanga they are now distributing.  


Marvelo did not participate in Spezi but the wesite attracts attention.  You can see new pictures of the SKR production process on the Marvelo website.  Jon has been posting pictures and comments that show and explain many of the construction details. 
Marvelo shell under construction


  1. Thats extremely weird that there are request for a smaller DF!? I mean the DF is already small and is recommended for 5'7" and shorter height with a slimmer body size.That from Randy of BlueVelo.

    Also what is the "M"? Milan SL?


    1. Tim:

      There is a fairly long thread on the German forum on the subject.