Monday, November 23, 2015

End of November update

End of November update
I have not been posting as regularly recently; I’ve been too busy and trying to squeeze-in a few rides before I put the DF in storage.  I’m not at the top of my game now and will have to wait until the spring before I get back in riding shape.  In the mean time, I will have to ride my trainer and keep-up with velomobile developments.  


Here is some info on the 20in composite velomobile wheel. The wheel size is 406-27 with 10 spokes.  It can accommodate several hubs.  The wheels are injection molded using Nylon with a reinforcement of 40% fiberglass. The 27 mm wide rim is not suitable for narrow tires.  Alligt sells the matching hub for the wheel with an adaptor to fit Sturmey Archer 90mm brakes.  The adapter is pressed and bolted to permanently attach to the hub.  The adaptor also provides additional cooling for the brakes.

The new wheel will be sold through Alligt’s distributors like Web shop Dutch Bike Bits (

Cycle JV

The finished Mulsanne was unveiled this week.  The velomobile is carbon-fiber black.  We’ll have to wait and see how the testing is


Allert posted a report on the Blog some information on the testing and refinement process of the QuattroVelo.  Allert reported that the rear suspension using a live axle will make the rear end dance slightly when passing bumps or potholes on the road.  Allert looked at possible alternatives to address the situation but so far these created more serious issues.  As a result, you will see the QuattroVelo dance a bit over bumps and potholes.
Velomobiel also reported that the rear wheel wells will have to be slightly larger too

Allert uploaded a video showing how a flat on one of the rear wheel would impact road handling on the QuattroVelo.  Well it looks like the rider will hardly notice the flat tire, the velomobile appears to track very well. 

A number of people visited Velomobiel recently to have a chance to test ride the QuattroVelo.  I read a number of positive reviews from those who had a chance to view and sit in the new velomobile.  One comment that comes back regularly is that the storage space was smaller than they expected; it will not accommodate a case of beer!  Maybe this is because velomobile rider should not drink!


Back to the future?  ICB announced that they have a new shock but it uses springs like the old Quest shock.  Some will remember that there were issues with the Quest shock when crossing rumble strips or even railroad tracks.  As a result some riders lost control or almost lost control of their velomobiles.  The springs were unable to dampen the bumps on the road fast enough and instead amplified the vertical movement making the velomobile jump up and down uncontrollably.   I hope the new shock has been tested in these conditions.

Velomobile Rescue

There is an excellent initiative undertaken by participants on the German Forum to publish velomobile rider rescue instruction including an information card, a video and even QR code to access the information on-line.   The video shows how to remove an unconscious rider.  Currently the information is for the Strada but could be adapted to other models.  The information is currently only available in German at the moment but hopefully, with the help ot other riders, it will be available soon in English and hopefully other languages.  It is still a work in progress but I think it may eventually save lives.  

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Early November update

Early November update


Alligt announced that their four-wheel velomobile is now available. The Sunrider Velo Quad has been tested and is now available for orders. The current Velo Quad prototype had logged approximately 8,000 kilometers and has been properly tested.

According to the company, the four wheels provide an advantage in terms of safety compared to a three-wheel velomobile.

The Velo Quad Sunrider is equipped with assistance that will have a maximum assisted speed of 45km/h, faster than the three-wheeler version.

Ligfiet also reports that Alligt has produced a new 20in velomobile wheel.  There are no specs released yet but will be the subject of a future report by the publication.

Fietser announced that they offer water-cooled drum brakes.  The brakes provide the reliability of drub brakes and increased braking power under heavy braking.   The brakes were tested on a recent trip from Austria to Portugal and back.  These water-cooled drum brakes proved to be a much better solution than regular drum brakes or disk brakes.

Velomobile Seminar

Several participants reported on the information presented at the Velomobile Seminar.  There were interesting information being discussed including emerging velomobile design concepts and a review of tire testing methodologies and results.

As I mentioned previously it is unfortunate that participants were mostly from a limited number of European countries and did not provide the sharing of ideas across continents. Papers and presentations have not yet been posted on-line,


Information on the company’s website shows no deliveries in October.  Maybe they have not been posted yet due to the recent move to the new location. 

There are 30 velomobile on order at the end of October, 3 of those were ordered in October.  One interesting thing about ICB’s order book is that four of those orders are over one year old.


Velomobiel presented the rideable QuattroVelo at the Velomobile Seminar last week.  Participants had a chance to sit and try the new velomobile.

In October Velomobiel delivered  9 velomobiles including the QuattroVelo prototype.  It also includes 1 Quest XS, 3 Carbon Quest XS, 2 Quest, 1 Carbon Quest and a Carbon Strada.

Meanwhile at the end of October there were 54 velomobiles on order at Velomobiel including 3 new velomobiles that were ordered in October.