Friday, May 15, 2015

Small adjustments, getting closer

Small adjustments, getting closer
I did not have a chance to ride much this week but took some time to play a bit more with the fit.  Last week I had problems with hotfoot and I decided to make small changes in the fit.  I changed the position of my cleats moving them down a bit (about 5mm).  I went for a short ride and the toes were now touching the shell so I split the difference and now it looks like the knee clears and the toes too.

I went for a ride and I must say that I’m impressed with the performance of the DF.  I rode a route with several Garmin segments and I was able to take tow first place, a second place (to someone who obviously had the GPS in their car (the rider was travelling at over 100km/h on a restricted access highway) and a 14th place where I rode easily with a 20+km/h wind in my face.

At the end of the ride I could feel some tingling in my foot and I expect that it will be sensitive for a bit of time so I’m trying to rest a bit and hopefully, it will gradually disappear.

Meanwhile, here is what is happening in the industry.


Allert went Romenia, for a few weeks to speed up the production of QuattroVelo..  He carried a bag containing the plug for the seat and the rear swingarm and other components. Theo will hold the fort in Dronten.  Meanwhile, the order book for QuatroVelo keeps growing  very quickly.

Velomobiel and Allight announced in late April that they are now producing oval chainrings used by many velomobile riders. For fast riders, they offer a 62 teeth version (BCD 130mm that is sold for for 85 euro.

Buyers of Milan velomobiles have reported that production has been affected due to the back order of parts coming from Europe.  Deliveries have been delayed.  Hopefully deliveries will return to normal soon.


It is confirmed that the Marvelo will make its first public appearance at the Left Coast Velomobile Gathering taking place in Oregon this year.  Jon is currently working feverishly to prepare for this as he will show the first production velomobile.  I think that people will want to make the trip so they can have a chance to see this new commercial velomobile.  The Marvelo is mase of vacuum-infused Carbon Fiber and resembles an Evo-k or a DF but is slightly larger to accommodate more riders.  Potential buyers will also be happy to know that it is currently priced fairly aggressively.


This is not news but I wanted to inform users of Mangos and other open wheel velomobiles that it is possible to improve performance relatively easily.  H@rry Leiben has used simple aerodynamic enhancements to significantly increase the speed of his Super Mango.  In addition to the tail expansion, he installs little covers or wheel arch shields between the wheel well and the tire to close the gap and over the open area under the velomobile where the wheel well is open between the shell and the tire essentially covering the steering and suspension mechanism.  The Mango has fairly large wheel arches and may be most beneficial but a similar system would also work for most open wheel velomobiles.

On the right you see the wheel arch covers and on the left the undercarriage cover for the wheel well.


We should finally see the updated the website in a couple of days.  I hope it will meet expectations after all this time.on the list

Cycle JV Fenioux

Cycle JV announced at Spezi that these velomobiles were available for sale,  I’ve been keeping an eye on the order list for the Mulsanne and the LeMans since. Unfortunately, I have not seen any orders yet.  Let’s hope a few will materialize soon to reward this new manufacturer for these out of the box designs..

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