Monday, April 4, 2016

Early April report

Early April report
I’m a bit late to report velomobile production for the month of February.  In fact, I have not posted recently; I guess I’m too busy these days.  I'm posting both March and April production stats.  I was away last week and was able to ride a bit but as I returned home, the temperature got colder well below 0C and we are expecting more snow.  I hope to be ready to ride in my first brevet in less than two weeks.

The hood provides weather protection but I still need to use my heated insoles in my cycling shoes when it is below 0C as my feet are prone to freeze easily in my cycling shoes even inside the covered velomobile.  Let’s hope the weather improves soon!


In February 3 DF XL and 2 DF were delivered and in March there were 11 velomobiles delivered (7 DF and 4 DF-XL).

There were 31 velomobiles on order at the end of February with 17 Df and 14 DF-XL on order. During the same period only 3 velomobiles were ordered and this is probably one of the slowest month since ICB started operations. At the end of March, 27 velomobiles were on order and 7 had been ordered during the month of March.

9 velomobiles were delivered in February at Velomobiel, there were 6 carbon Quest XS, 2 carbon Quest and 1 Carbon Strada.  In March 7 velomobiles were delivered including 4 Stradas, 2 Carbon Quest and a Carbon Quest XS. 

There were 72 velomobiles on order including 35 QuattroVelo and ten velomobiles were sold in February including 2 QuattroVelo while at the end of March, there were 69 velomobiles on order and 11 velomobiles were sold.

More progress to the production of QuattroVelo has been made.  Almost all small molds are ready, only the seat and the luggage hatch hinge are not good enough for production and they need to be changed. Meanwhile, the rest of the molds were sent to Romania to start building a QV.  Production can start only after this second prototype has been fully approved.

If you are a rider of a velomobile, maybe you would like to add a picture of you and your velomobile to the “Riderlist” database.
Email the picture including the type and serial number of your velomobile.  Theo asks for your patience, as it will take a while to upload all these pictures.


Although still in development, owners of ICB hoods (DF, Evo-K and Quest/Strada) as well as Beyss hoods may be interested in Rainpal, a new windshield wiper that clips to the top of the visor.  The concept looks very interesting but we will not know if the final product will meet expectations yet.  The company is currently raising funds through crowd funding to go into production.  Funding this venture will entitle you to a Rainpal and accessories based on the amount contributed.  Basic Rainpal is available for £5 and the luminous white Rainpal with wireless including free delivery globally will cost you £70.

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