Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mid April Update

Mid April Update
Next weekend, the 20th SPEZI bike show and conference will take place in the town of Germersheim in the south of Germany near Heidelberg.  This annual show is well attended and several velomobile manufacturers show their products.  We hope to see some new velomobiles, participants have an opportunity to try some of them and possibly there may be some new product announcements taking place.


Trisled will sell the Rotovelo through importer Eurovelo situated in the city of Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands. You can check it out at


Velomobiel published a paper on the advantages and comparisons between the Quatrovelo and three-wheel velomobiles.  The paper presents some interesting points. 

Velomobiel expects to be displaying the shell of the Quatrovelo at SPEZI but it will not be rideable.


Pictures of the DF with the short or every day wheel pants were published this week.  Daniel also posted video of fast runs with the modified DF.  He is set on trying to set several records this summer and apparently found someone to attempt the female 12/24hr records.  The short wheel pants provide almost the same aerodynamic advantage as the full competition wheel pants shown below.

In a blog post, Ymte reported that he sold one of his remaining Quest and now has only one that he will keep as a souvenir.
New "short pants" appear to be approximately the same height as the Quest, here you see the ability to ride on uneven surfaces without touching.

Competition Wheel Pants almost touching the ground


The first Milan SL MK3 has been delivered. (Picture)
Made of fiberglass, it is equipped with155mm cranks, 36/61 and an 11-34 cassette it has lights and turning signals and 2,5cm risers.  The baby weights 28,9Kg.

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