Thursday, March 19, 2015

Preparing for SPEZI

Preparing for SPEZI


For the past week the Milan website shows a large banner revealing that the company is finally working on a new website and that a major announcement will take place with a date/time counter for the announcement.  After performing a bit of math you realize that the announcement will take place at SPEZI.  People are also invited to register for a newsletter.  So what is the announcement?  The official launch of the SL MK3, the revealing of the two person Milan 4.2 or maybe something completely new.  We’ll keep our ears to the ground.


Daniel continues the testing of the DF. He rode the DF on 20km test runs and made measurements using the power meter. The values ​​are extremely accurate. Where my gray was the Matt and he should be slower. The hood comes from a Quest. It's not optimal for the DF, so there is room for improvement with the right hood. Equipped with standard wheels, each with a wheel cover hubcap back of course not.  The DF was equipped with Schwalbe Ultremos with light inner tubes mounted on Gingko wheels.

Those measurements were made in in Aachen at a temperature of 25 degrees and the road surface was good unfortunately some wind so the conditions were not perfect for measurements but still fairly good.  The values ​​you are allowed to officially tear.  Daniel rode the course in both directions.  Between one direction and the other there was about 5 km/h difference Daniel feels that with no wind, the measurements would be more precise.

So what are the results?

49.4 km/h at 164 watts with helmet.
50,4 km/h at 160 watts without a helmet.
53,6 km/h at 163 watts with hood
55,2 km/h at 160 watts with hood but the front hole completely closed.

How does this compare to the Milan SL?   According to the information published by Raderwerk, the Milan SL requires 145 watts at 50 km/h, and 191 watts at 60 km/h.  Of course all these measurements have a margin of error, are dependent on conditions and need confirmation from others but it looks like the DF is close to the Milan SL and with further improvements such as the wheel pants, the new hood and the extended tail, the DF may become more efficient than the SL but I’m sure Raderwerk is working at improving the SL and improvements in the MK3’s performance still need to be measured.

Separately, DF owners are discussing the best settings for the rear suspension.  Daniel produced a video to demonstrate how the DF rear end  (see here)can better absorb bumps than a Quest (see here).  Interesting videos.


Michael Byess announced that the new larger Evo-Kx would not be ready for SPEZI as planned.  Michael wanted to offer test rides at the event but unexpected issues prevented the company to make good on this offer.  There are a number of people disappointed, hopefully this will be a short delay.

Byess is the second company after Velomobiel that is reporting a delay in their new velomobile project resulting in a no-show at SPEZI.

Velo Vision Magazine

Raderwerk is not the only website being upgraded, Velo Vision Magazine announced that the site is also under construction and should be back on-line very soon.


Not exactly a velomobile, officially a streamliner but Delft University has unveiled their new creation to defend their world speed record at Battle Mountain.  Maybe some of the concepts will make their way into the velomobile of the future.  See the video here.

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