Monday, March 2, 2015

Early March Update

Early March Update
At the beginning of the month, I try to provide an overall report on the production for the month prior.  Some report production numbers while 3rd parties report others from time to time.  Here are the latest developments.


Daniel Fenn continues to be very active these days making the DF faster.  Daniel is still working on the new hood, it appears that it will have a smaller visor and side openings.  This is similar to the Sinner and Byess hoods.  I don’t really understand the logic and I could not get anyone to explain it to me except thatyou need the opening to see on the sides and to the lack of ventilation that create fogging issues on the visor.  In cold temperature, you need to close the sides or the wind will blow in your ear, water on a rainy day will also find its way in unless you close the opening, the side opening will probably increase the aerodynamic drag.  Why not make a larger windshield to provide a 180-degree view and a NACA duct to get air into the cockpit to cool the rider and clear the windshield of fog?  You can also design side ducts to let the air circulate without affecting aerodynamics while preventing air and water from blowing in your ear.

In addition, Daniel is also working on a tail extension for the DF to further improve aerodynamics for the track.  This modification may be usable for everyday use unless it has an impact on the wheel size.

Intercitybikes has delivered 9 DF this month; there are 82 on order 51DF-Xl and 31DF.


Production is focused on production as the company has produced 9 velomobiles in February including 2 Carbon Quest, 2 Quests, 1 Carbon Quest XS, 2 Carbon Quest XS and 2 Strada.  There are 24 on order 7 Strada,  3 Quest, 1 Quest XS,  6 Carbon Quest,  4 Quest XS and 3 Carbon Strada.

On the development side, Allert has not reported on the progress of the Q4W in recent weeks.


The VeloTilt team is working on building a new top for everyday use.  The current race top is not optimal for every day use because it does not provide a good view of the surroundings.  They reported that tilt lock mechanism is now working properly and two designs of lever to actuate the lock mechanism have been produced.  Finally, handlebars will replace the steering wheel currently used in the Velotilt.


I received a note from Nadim Khemir to inform me that I made a couple of errors in my February 13th update. First, Nadim did not design the HVM Henry Ridiel designed the velomobile about 10 years ago. Nadim Khemir and partner Jan-Inge Ljungberg will indeed build the two new velomobiles.  He also informs me that the Crazy Trike Builders in Skåne is group of friends who enjoy trikes and velomobiles.  It is also very early to  decide if this will become a commercial project, as he says, there are a number of good velomobiles currently being produced.  He also tells me that from up close, the HVM is fairly different from the WAW.  The group has more projects planned for next year.

If you spot some errors in my reporting, please leave a comment.

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