Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Late January Update

Late January Update
First let me give thanks to everyone who sent me comments and messages regarding my first year writing a regular blog.   There is much to report over the year and analysis to be done and without fail, I find a new bit of information just after I press publish.  I'm looking forward to the New Year.  Finding information and writing little summaries takes time and I try to do this in my spare time.  Hopefully I will continue to have the time to do this regularly.

This week I have a number of things to report.


This week, Jon provided an update on the Marvelo.  There are currently three SKRs on order.  The first production unit built last summer is currently being used as a demonstrator it has a double-sided aluminum swingarm with an air shock, but future models will have a single sided carbon swingarm.  The standard drivetrain is also under revision; the SKR will be sold with a choice of a conventional 2x10 or 3x10 derailleur-based drivetrain.

Jon is currently working on a hard-top/cockpit canopy.  Just like the standard Milan and WAW, it will be detachable from the cockpit hatch.

As far as performance goes, based on his tests, Jon reports that the SKR is on par with the Milan GT and likely somewhere between the WAW and DF.  He is currently considering offering the Marvelo SKR as a kit. The estimated price for the kit would be approximately $5,000 USD.  This is a very attractive price for a good carbon fiber velomobile and provides a good entry point for new riders on a budget.


The Dutch recumbent publication offered a free on-line issue last week.  I had a chance to read the issue with the help of Google and I was very impressed with the quality and content.  I do not think there is another publication that provides the same type of content anywhere around the world.    I wish you would publish this information on-line  as it would be easier for some of us to  use tools to understand the interesting articles you publish.


Daniel informed members of the Velomobilforum that he has finished the development of the “everyday” wheel pants for the DF/DF-XL and Evo-K, Ks and R.  There is no word yet on delivery timeframe and price. 


Wim Schermer reports on the latest development of the VeloTilt prototype.  A new front fork has been installed..  The new fork addresses some of the shortcomings from the old design.  I hope we see this velomobile on the road soon so we can have a better idea of the overall performance.

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