Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mid August Update

Mid August Update


Trump trikes has just published a brochure for their Pedal Prix trikes and shells.  You can find information, specs and prices.  The brochure is fairly comprehensive and will help the company better market its offerings.

WHPVA World Championships

The WHPVA World Championships will take place next weekend on August 21 -23 in Maasmechelen, Belgium.  There are four events in the program: 200m sprint, 1km sprint, 1-hour race and the100 km race.  Information on the races including the courses and schedule can be found here.

Paris Brest Paris

The PBP takes place this week From August 16th to the 20th.  There are several velomobile riders participating this year. This1200km brevet held every four years is the ultimate ride for randonneurs worldwide and while not the most difficult; it is the most prestigious.  If you know some of the riders, you can follow their progress on-line here: Several riders from my club are also participating (on their bike) this year, good luck to all participants.
Some of the velomobiles at the velodrome, the starting location of PBP


Velomobiel posted an update on the QuattroVelo project on their Blog.  They are currently working in particular on mechanical components for the rear end of the velomobile (drivetrain and suspension), this requires a significant amount of machining and welding.  Other parts also need to be made too so they have a lot of work still ahead.  Velomobiel expects to have a rideable pre-production QuattroVelo for testing in a few weeks and production would hopefully start by the end of the year.

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