Sunday, July 12, 2015

July is for riding

July is for riding
In the velomobile world people are focused on riding at this time of the year.  There are several racing series taking place, it is time to reap the benefits of the long hours developing and refining velomobiles.  In Europe people are getting ready for their annual vacations so things appear quieter than usual.

Over the summer I may not be able to post as often as I too will be enjoying the summer and I hope you will too!


In Europe, the BeND series taking place in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany the first four races have been held and racing is now taking a break until September.  The last two races will take place in Cologne on September 5th and the last race will take place in Assen on September 27th.  Currently Matthias König riding a Milan SL is in first place and Ymte Sijbrandij riding a DF-XL is in second place.  There are 3 DF riders from the IntercityBike team in the top 5. You can check out the standings here.


This weekend is the annual record-breaking event at Dekra.  Ellen van Vugh riding the custom made Velox-S2 streamliner.  She not only improved her six-hour world record of 365km for the women category. In total, she completed 404.04 kilometers in six hours, or a 67.3 km/h average which is also more than all currently homologated men records.

Ellen also set a Dutch record for the one-hour record travelling 80.5km, which is a bit short of the world record set by Barbara Buatois (84.02km).  Ellen set this record while attempting to beat her 6-hour world record.

Australian Pedal Prix

Last week I mistakenly reported that the Victoria Park race was taking place last weekend., the race is in fact scheduled for the weekend of July 25 and 26th  In the mean time, you can check the standings here. just announced that they are moving their office, design and workshop at the beginning of August.  They will be on vacations for the last two weeks of July prior to the move and will only be available for urgent warranty repairs. Until mid August.

Trump Trikes

Trump Trikes teamed-up with Platt Racing and are currently working on a Coroplast (Coroflute) velomobile body kit for the Trump trike that will soon be available for Pedal Prix racing teams who do not have the budget to purchase a carbon fiber body.  The new product’s shape will be based on the top finishing TX2 composite body and similar to the one used very successfully by the Darleen Team.  It is important to note that this is a track vehicle and it is not made as road going velomobile but it shows homebuilders that Coroplast bodies can be very well designed and competitive.

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