Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cycle Vision Review

Cycle Vision Review
Last weekend the Cycle Vision bike festival too place in the Nederlands.  This event features races, seminars and exhibits.  It appear that the event was well attended but Wim Schermer feels that it is becoming more of a get-together will be an ever smaller number of participants and less interest from traders. In 2007 when the event was in Sloten, there were 130 participants taking part in the hour race, now there were only 26 participants at the start of the Venray event.  I don’t know the reasons for this but maybe it is that Sloten is closer to Amsterdam.

In the competition team Velomobiel saw Theo and Eva posting excellent results at the Velovision races; the Quest can still manage some excellent performances.  At IntercityBike, Daniel Fenn took fist place in the 3-hour race; Ymte did not participate in all the events but had a good result with a second place in the 1-hour race.  Harry Leiben from Sinner showed that his tricked-out Mango is also very fast.  From the pictures posted, I could not see any Milan in the race.


Allert, Theo and Eva took the QuatroVelo, shell and prototype frame to the Cycle Vision bike festival.  There is just too much work still needed to finish the first one.  People had expected to be able to try the first QuatroVelo but they will have to wait a few more weeks, the task has proved too much to finish on time for this event.  I think it is better to have the product finished properly than rushing with an inferior product.


Wim Schermer showed the VeloTilt gearbox, developed by Piet Kunis and Bram Smit which is a variation on the derailleur. A standard cassette is slid to and fro by a lever. The chain turns perfectly well and the system is very light.  it is a very interesting approach, similar system have been shown before but this may be the first to go into production.

Australian Pedal Prix

Hats off to the Eric The Half Bee (Pembroke School, Junior Secondary, Category 2) in their VERY impressive win at the Victoria Park race track.  This team stands head and shoulder above the rest; check out these stats (lifted from Facebook).
-       Won by 28 laps
-       Set a new distance record for Cat 2 of 191 laps
-       In setting the new distance record, they smashed the old Cat 2 distance record set by themselves in 2014 by a massive 22 laps (30Km)
-       They set a new fastest lap time for cat 2 of 1:36.5.
-       Eric The Half Bee team members are Cat 2 JUNIOR Secondary. In this race, they rode further and faster than ANY Category 3 SENIOR Secondary team has EVER done in the history of the event on the Current track at Vic Park
-       They beat the old Senior Secondary distance record (of 188 laps) that was set by Pembroke's ‘Tis but a Scratch’ in 2013.
-       Their new fastest lap time of 1:36.5 is quicker than any Category 3 team has ever done. Prior to this, the fastest lap was by Bendigo's ‘Assult with a Quiche’ in 2013.
Ridiculously, in Round 2, they could have parked just after the 5 hour mark of the race and still won.
You can also check out the video.


  1. Unfortunately the event fell on the same date as a relaunch of an important UK cycle event (and we seem to have had another couple on the same weekend). Several attendees mentioned they'd have 'Done' CycleVision and York on subsequent weekends if the timing had been better...
    The UK event included the what I think was the opening of a new velodrome too so the UK racing guys were there in numbers.
    So yeah, seems we need synchronised planning so we can all make it to a variety of these events...

  2. Thank you Rob it is unfortunate that there are competing events that results in split participation. While this is an issue, I think there is more to this story because I doubt the reduction of 100 participants can be solely attributed to the competing event. Maybe the organizer will have to look at the root causes if they want to improve participation.